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mistake made all night, to the wrong guy at the wrong time. chris davis. 7th home run in 6 games. tying the record with reggie jackson who did it in 1976. miguel gonzales. eva longoria looking at that one. manny machado makes the play tonight. miguel gonzalex. z. spectacular. going after words. garcia's the great mentality. he has nothing to lose. -- >> he has a great mentality. he has nothing to lose. he is got to say -- to pitch intelligently. you give someone like that in command, you can make it work. >> from the mexican league to out and james shields at his best when the orioles have to have it best, that was something. later, we will hear from jim johnson and chris davis. >> he is red hot. we have. u local members to show us their seats. we see great views all around. should your pictures with us today. tonight the baltimore city police officers are on suspension after the death of a man in police custody. the medical examiner determined that anthony anderson died of blunt force trauma. his family is calling for murder charges against the police officers who arrested him shortly
. they were loud. bottom seventh. jimenez breaks open the game with a 2 rbi double. topped by chris davis. he is on. 6 straight game with a home run. hit the ceiling. do you know how hard that is to do? at the joint afterwards understanding the magnitude of losing this game and not keeping pace with the yankees. >> we cannot take care of our business. cannot control other people. we lost. that is something we had control over. when it comes to the yankees, you cannot control them. or angels when -- if the a's or angels win, that would eliminate tampa. coming up later, we hear about tonight's game from chris davis. >> the o's turn to the postseason has been a long time coming to request the last time they reached the playoffs, nanny machado was 5. adam jones was 12. if that does that to be another perspective, the movie titanic was released that november. "candle in the wind" was the biggest hit of the year and gas in baltimore was $1.27. fans are still buzzing about this postseason bound team. >> everybody be saw and that was very excited. the rest of the world as finally acknowledging the tw
chris davis and the young gonzalez coming up. >> that's one reason to buy the new iphone. why the extras can add up. abc2news at eleven starts now. >> you needed a crow bar to get out of bed this morning and you can't wait to get back into it tonight. >> that's right. the weather has been a mess. let's check in with wyatt everhart with a look at the all important first forecast tonight. >> it was all about the rain today. sometimes too much. now we have the fog developing out there. something you want to factor into your morning travel plans. right now we have just a half mile of visibility being reported at bwi. one third of mile where there have been socked in in the dulles area with fog. this is one foggy scenario. not so much east of the chesapeake, but west of the bay the fog is getting thick and heavy. we have seen the showers diminishing through the night. picking up more than an inch of rain in some spots today. still a huge surge of moisture coming in out of the south and this is going to continue to bring the chance of rain and fog into your morning commute. look for 69 degrees
to happen in fenway -- chris davis. 16th, 17th innings. the orioles somehow beat the red sox. in june, and jones dividend. this time, against the phillies. fors like they've made up generations of bad plays in one season. and not just the star's. other players got a ball off home runs. 10,000 kids became stands for lot. -- for life. he knew something magic could happen. >> probably in august, when everybody expected us to start dating. everybody said "the orioles are gone. we would go away." we kept winning more and more. >> i was a cherished every moment. you do not know how long until you get back their. cherish every moment. egos by quick. it is the most fun you will ever experience in baseball. enjoy every minute. >> that youngster right there just got a chris davis autographed baseball. a special time of tropicana field. coming up, we will talk more about the matchup and specifically about how the orioles can build offensively around shields. >> you could autograph his ball as well. that would be great. i am sure he would love it. right now, u local as a challenge to collect phot
tonight. so many unsung heros. coming up later, more from chris davis. pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 news. >> another cast off toy? he hasever he is, affected the team in a very big way. >> how does it sound? >> for the animals taken from a home in pasadena. that story coming up. >> showers and storms on the hd doppler with more rain earlier today. we will see when the wet weather moves out. >> live. local. late breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 6 with rod daniels and donna hamilton. tom tasselmyer and 11 sports director jerry sandusky. sky team 11 covering breaking news. news. wbal-tv 11 news [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >> 40 animals were taken from animal control in anne arundel county. the owner of the animals has a different story. rob roblin h
out for chris davis ... and he comes through. the single.. scores two rrnners, and the o's have their first lead of the seriee 2-1. op of the 4th,,this time the yankees are threatening... but chen gets third to end the jam.orioles add a run in the 6th as mark reynolds goes the other way to score weiters from seccnd. orioles.onnto the 9th... now &pjust a one run leadd and its time for jim johnson to redeem himself after last nightt' rough performance... and he happy to be tied in the for their fans. 4540 ttere's not a city in america hat lovee their team more than thissone... tte we put them through some tough . times. today is a travellday, so fans can catch their breath for 24 hours.... gaae 3 is scheduled foo 7:00, wednesday night in new york. the series now shifts to the bronx, wheee the teams will play game 3 on not done talking about this - game yet. joel d. smith is live at more details about the game, including one yankee who set a pecord no oneewants! 3 3- 3 3 3 3 a-rod stat .. playoffs striking out. 3 was sked if he considerrd er - saying or doing anything
's nation is rocking. teixeira hits one deep, off the wall and right. rodriguez scores from 2nd. chris davis nails teixeira. game tied at 2 in the 7th of this one. >>> coming up, a redskins' loss goes down easier with a philly loss as well. we'll get you caught up on the action around the league, right after this. [ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class? according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> welcome back. no team has been living more dangerously than the eagles. turned it over more than any team in the nfl. came in today with a 3-1 record. all wins by a combined 4 points. roethlisberger, drops and throws laterally. takes it into the end zone for the 15-yard score. steelers take a 7-0
&p a dramatic finiss in st. chris davis hits a home run without hitting over &pthe in sports unlimited... aú â?>arouog what makes the sleep number store different? we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. during our sleep number innovation event, save up to $600 on our most innovative bed sets. hurry! this event ends soon. you'll only find the innovative sleep number bed at one of our 400 stores, where queen mattresses start at just $699. that'll... do it... for the late edition. .../ i'm... jeff barnd, thanks for joining us. &p3 and i'mmjennnfer giibert, up next is bruce cunninnhhm. sportssunlimited starts right n. &pnow. 3 3 3 the odds got a little longer for the orioles tonight....hey for the lead ii the aa east.. pte yankees won...and the oriolls needed to do liiewise to keep the pace... ppce... bottom 7....ied at one...evan longoria g
're looking at in a live picture is all the sea rings. that is what chris davis' home run hit. there's also a d ring, which is another catwalk lower than that. hitting that would be a home run. chris davis was asked in the clubhouse where that would have landed in camden yards. he said jokingly the warehouse. he thought maybe somewhere on utah street. so he lost the game combined with the red sox losing, that put them one game behind the yankees and will try to come back. live in st. petersburg, florida, christian schaffer. >> any truth to the rumor that the boston red sox are playing with four players? >> i've seen a lot of people talking about how the red sox are tanking games. i just think they're not very good. who are they? it's a aaa team. maybe they can rise up and beat the yankees. >> want to see you pinch hit. >>> so many scenarios that will have your head spinning. it depends on the final two games. to get the latest update, held to like we have it all figured out. >> let's talk about football. plucky students at lynnton springs got a visit from one of their f
divisional series, 7-2. great atmosphere.... tough result. 33&chris davis 3933 we stayed in it as longgas we could. we had a chance early to push capitalize on every u have to &pally able to do that. game two is tonighttass wei-yen ( chen takes thee mound for the orioles against, &pone oo the best playoff pitchers ever... andy petiite ( of the yankees. so what does the loss mean for the series? how do the o's ounce back? can any oriolls fans actually be productive at work today? today?? joel d. smith live at panera n towson with all those answers and more on game one and game two of the series. d.good morring joel d. p630 it was a little disappointing, i think everyone was nervous in the 8th or 9th inning, you could hear a pin drop, you would expect those guys to be a littleelouder at the end of thh game/, davis: 41:188 ii def. think we need to get a win while we're here. plus get a win in front of home fans, going on road will be tough,,but no, its not a must win yet. 3 coming up onnthe early edition... making sure to cllss. cllss.the plan to fight put
.same score bootom of the 3rd.... chris davis ....and he comes scores two runners, and the o's have their first lead of the series 2-1. top of the 4th, this time the yankeee are threatening... but chen gets derek jeter to bounce out o third to end the jam.orioles add a run in the 6th as mark reenolds goes thh other way to score weiters from second. it's 3-1 orioles.oo to the just a one run lead, and its time ffr jim johnson to redeem himself after sunddy night's roughhperformance... and he comes through! the o's are happy to be tied in the series, and ven more happy for their fans. 45400 there's not a city in ammrica that loves tteir team more than this one... he year. hey've hhd in them this we put them through some tough . so faas can catch their breath for 24 hours.... game 3 is scheduled for 7:00, wednesday night in new york. the series now shifts to the bronx, where the teamm will play game 3 on wednesday. but we're not done talking about this game yet. joel d. smith is live at jimmy'ssin fells point with more etails abbut the game, incluuing one yankee who
pitcher james shields made..... he struck out 15 orioles, but not chris davis here. davis the huge blast, by homering in 6 straight gamessnow. and then it came down once again to jim johnson going for the save.. and he gett the groundout to in the game. the yankees retain a one game &plead over the o's with one game tooplay for each team. the o's must winntonight and &pp one game playoff for thee - east croww. that game would bb innbaltimore tomorrow iiht. for the orioles save.... which places his seasonnas one of the best ever forra reliever. and sooe local entrrpreneurs are his season.ll want more than 3 season.. joel d. smith is llve in dundalk where tte latest oriolls t-shirt is trying o capitalize on the orioles "good times". good morning joee d. &p3 33 3 3 3 theeffist of three take place tonight in denver. the state has nine electoral votes uu for grabb, making it a key rize for bothh the democratic incumbent and his republican chhllenger..-ain. preview. final preparations are underway for tonight's first presidential election debaae showdown between
. >> the one thing we do not know is -- i will probably hang myself. >> for chris davis, tonight will bring things both circle. he will face his former team, the rangers. even in the two years they went to the world series, he was cut from the roster. now he will get his chance. he is on the mound tonight for the birds. reynolds says it will have to be more than that. they will host the yankees on sunday and it is another challenge they are ready to meet. >> it is a different mindset for players, that they have not had all year. that is why it is important to be in the let it rip mode and not be timid. >> the nationals are waiting for the winner of the braves. david drives one to deep left center field. it is gone. the cardinals just took the lead back from atlanta, 3-2 in the fourth. they're ready for an offensive showdown against the plan. rg iii and the quick option play up against atlanta's matt ryan. he has 11 touchdowns this season. he has thrown two interceptions but the skins' defense need to wrap it up. meriwether was supposed to return last week before he injured himself in a preg
are in the playoffs, the chances of a division title is now an uphill battle. they trailed 9-1 in the ninth when chris davis hit a homerun. the orioles could not complete the come out, losing 5-3. they are still thrilled the 14- year playoff drought is over. you can share your spirit to night at power plant life. there is a rally scheduled from 6:00-8:00. despite a solid team on the field, some fans crowded the return -- credit to the return of the bird for bringing back the magic. >> absolutely it is the bird. absolutely, and this is what brought it back. >> i have never stopped, never stopped. i got laughed at and now people in my work say hey, the orioles are doing great. >> orioles a a chances of winning the series are 14-1 according to oddsmakers, compared to 150-one of the start of the season. the orioles are one game behind the yankees in the a.l. east, but if they and the series tied, there will be a one game tiebreaker. tickets for that potential game went on sale today. from noon until 2:00, and tickets are on sale to the viewing area. the ticket sale is an attempt to pack the stadium with o
had two hits but won the game anyway. chris davis had a shot that could have made its way to disney world. he took the orioles up 1-0. that's the good way the game would end. we have been getting some great photos showing their support for the o's. how cute is he? upload your best orioles close ourhe ulocal.l section of website. coming up next, the results of the soil sample taken from the site supposed to be the final resting place of jimm >> the u.s. border patrol agent is dead near the mexican border in arizona. federal officials said the engine was part of a group that came under fire while investigating a center triggered an area used for narcotics trafficking. no suspects have been taken into custody. a big dig for the jimmy hoffa remains turned out to be a big bust. it was in a backyard near detroit and they dug up the concrete floor of a shed acting on a tip. they took soil samples -- samples and took them off and the samples revealed no trace of human remains. still to come, patients who undergo cancer treatment often lose their hair and can take a serious toll on their se
will start for texas. he has yet to pitch against the orioles. chris davis says he will spend the last few hours before the game learning has much as he can about darvish. >> we have not seen him this year. we know his reputation. we are going to go out there and learn as much as we can about him. >> he throws cutters, sliders, if curveballs. >> first pitch is tonight at 8:37. jennifer tells us have the uncertainty of the one game playoff is creating a conundrum for local businesses. >> baltimore waiting to see if they can beat texas in texas and then come back to take on the yankees. in the meantime, businesses are finding themselves in the classic hurry up and wait situation. a win on friday means putting things in high gear, creating a divisional t-shirt. >> we are hoping they are going to win on friday. we will come in and start printing on saturday. >> at this hotel, a fried a win would mean a huge boom in business, as it did friday -- affright a win would mean a huge boom in business as yankees fans are known for coming to baltimore to watch the games. then there is the beer. the mor
.... bases loaded with two outs for chris davis ... and he comes through. the single.. scores two runnnrss and the o's have their firrt lead of the eries 2-1. top of the 4th, this time the yankees are threatening... ut chenngets derrk jeter to bounce out to third to end the jam.orioles add a run in the 6th as mark reenolds goes the from second. ii's 3-1 orioles.on to the 9th... now jjst a one run lead,,aad its ttme for jim johnson to redeem himself after last night's rough performance... and he comes throogh! the good game apiece! 5255 i hinn thh biggest thing for us...... as long as we stick to our goals and pxpectations, we'll be alright. 3 todaa is a travel ayy so fans ccn catcc their breath -& p the win - comes 15 years to the day when the orioles lass won a ppayoff game in baltimore. &pbaltimore. joel d. smith is celebrating the big win with the fans at jimmy's today ann has some more the rioles ssould be ery confidenttgoinn intt new ork for the est of the series! 3 3 o's have won all 3 series in new york this yeaa!!buck 3uckk- 3 3 3 3
loss in new york that ended the post-season. >> i saw nick markakis, mark reynolds, chris davis. >> reporter: a wait well morth with it. the sun is up and the season is officially over. fans are trying to get a look at them while they clean out their lockers. >> we have take a couple weeks off and then once november is here we get back in shape. >> reporter: it brought baseball back to baltimore and it was a long wait. they fell in the fifth and final game against the yankees. the manager and vice president, dan ducet. >> we touched a lot of people and the whole organization. and now we have to hold on to it. >> it helps you identify your strengths and where you need to grow. >> there is no reason we won't be competing for a long time. >> reporter: the energy from fans is likely to carry over. >> what does 2013 have in store for us? >> an event year. >> reporter: cheryl conner, abc. >> that is our hot topic. how do you think they will do in 2013. join on our facebook. >> we will check in with mike to see what is in store tomorrow. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic
a little help. the orioles did their part in tampa to defeat the rays. chris davis continues to do what he is done for the past six games. he went deep! that was the only run of the bottom. game. keith mills will have more coming up in sports. we ask local members to show was their seats. we see great views all around. you can share your pictures with us today. just a few hours, president obama and mitt romney will face off for the first time on the presidential debate stage. >> hallie jackson has a preview. >> after weeks of debate prep and days of spin, the big night is here. it could make a difference. >> secure our borders -- >> we are going through the worst financial crisis since the great depression. >> president obama is fighting to stay in office. >> they are practicing being pointed but respectful. >> mitt romney looking to br eae new life into his campaign. >> it will be a big stage. more than 50 million people tune in for the first obama-mccain face-off. keeping a close eye on the candidates, fact checkers. >> somebody said we should do in a debate is be on stage and if a candi
orioles' post-season is our big story. >> the orioles trailed 5-1 when chris davis hit a homerun. the orioles could not complete the comeback. gerry sandusky will have highlights and reaction coming up later this morning. fans back in baltimore are still very thrilled the playoff drought is over. >> you can share your orioles spirit tonight. d last nightebrate near camden yards. the classic cartoon oriole logo with bringing back the magic. >> absolutely. this is what brought it back. never stop. never stop. >> i get laughed out for the past 14 years. now people at work one ago, the orioles are doing grade. >> the orioles chances of winning the world series is 14 to 1. the orioles are now one game behind the yankees in the a.l. east. if they end up tied, there will be a one game tiebreaker. tickets will be available to fans. the intent is to pack camden yards with orioles fans. >> thank you. a baltimore county firefighter is charged with sexually assaulting two teenage boys. this may be the tip of the iceberg. kim dacey joins us live with details. what the police say the -- what d
was brilliant. chris davis, sixth home run in six games. you know you hit it hard when you're running as an outfielder. he ties reggie jackson. six home runs in six games. it would be the only one of the game. james shields was a little better. 15 strikeouts. he struck out the side in the seventh inning. in the ninth inning, the rays down a run. the hit to adam jones. 1-0, the orioles win. the yankees beat the red sox. here are the standings. the orioles are one game behind the yankees. if both teams win, the orioles will play oakland or texas. oakland and texas are tied for the lead in the american league west. the ravens and kansas city on sunday. if the orioles win, they are guaranteed a home game. >> stan has been beating on me. >> we're getting into the spirit. >> orioles eye blacak k. we can anchor like that so the lights did not get in our eyes. >> 6:28. 70 degrees at the airport. a man could landed in hot water with the law. >> this morning a west baltimore fire company is feeling rescued. we will tell you why. we will tell you why. >> gambling to crack do i moved to new york
wei-yin chen out. chris davis continues to swing a hot bat for the o's. hort.he o's come up s they are now one game behind new york. comes too late tiebreaking game, tickets for that game go on sale today. season ticket holders can buy them between 10:00 a.m. and noon. masn viewers have the next shot at tickets. then tickets: sell to the general public at 2:00 p.m. the new iphone 5 is turning people's data plans. >> the shocking response caught on tape. the officer may find itself charged with excessive force. >> we are setting things on fire on purpose this morning. >> 5 and continues to build around the area. around the area. -- ♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ just let it rock ♪ let it rock ♪ this time those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. >> good morning
..... he struck out 15 orioles, but not chris davis here. davis ties an orioles record with the huge blast, by hhmering in 6 straight games now. and then it cme down onne again to im johnson going for the save. and he gets the groundout to win the game.. the grouhe yankees retainna one leaa ovee the oos with one game to play ffr each team. the o's muut win toniggttand hope the yankees lose to force a one game playoff for the a-- &peast crown. that game would be in altimore tomorrow night. been flying off the shelves - faster than a jim johnson fastball.... aad some local t-shirt makers are betting live at "just extreme graphix" in dunddlk to see why the guyy &pbehind the latesttshirt decided to concentrate on just one oriole. ggod morninn joel d.. 3 3 starting this season... the weatter channellwill begin naming wwnterrstorms... just explains why it hasn't beennl done unttl now....and which names are topping the list. you'reewatching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3((break 55) ((bump in)) ((ad lib 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 3 3 p33 3 3 3 3 meteorolo
, and take game one of the americcn league diiisional series, 7-2. chris davis 3931 series, 7-2. chris avis 3933 we ssayed in it aa long as we could. we had a chance early to push pome runs across, you have to capiitlize on every opportuniiy, but we weren't game two is tooight as weiiyen ( chen orioles against,,ooe of the bbst playoff pitchers ever... andy petitte ( of the yankees. so what does the loss mean for the series? how do the o's bounceeback? can any today? joel d. smith live at panera in towson with all those answers and more on game good mmrning joel d.e series. d. 3 -3 the federal government'ssnew attempt to combat obesity... is creating guidelines frommthe u-s---a... - school lunches now double the veggies... but imit proteins and carbs.the goal is to make sure students are eating no more than 8-huudred-50 calories.but some parents say the smaller lunch is leaving their kids hungry.according to recent statisticc... one third considered overweight or obese. therr could be a shortage of season.several sources are reporting that workers at the "ffx-coon" factooy i
in a row, l.a. will miss the post-season. cliffhanger in the american league east, orioles chris davis golfs one to center. baltimore edges the rays 1-0. and a walk off rbi single in the 14th inning helps the yankees beat the red sox. new york and orioles end up tied tomorrow night they play a one game tiebreaker on thursday. miguel cabrera is this close to winning baseball's triple crown. another great game at the plate. got two hits and two rbis against the royals. currently he has a seven-point lead for the batting title. he also has a comfortable lead in the rbi category. he's just one homer up on josh hamilton. if his numbers hold up after tomorrow's last game of the season, he could be the first player since 1967 to win the triple crown. adam greenberg's dream came true. he got a second chance at his first at-bat. seven years ago he made a debut and got nailed in the back of the head with a fast ball. he suffered with intense headaches but fought his way back. after a big internet push the miami marlins signed him to a one day contract. he got to the plate facing one of the best
worked to the eighth inning tonight and and the giving up to chris davis right now, giving it up to and the with cheate. tudor -- derrik jeeter. however, this is a great game the yankees are losing to baltimore. the 49ers are just rolling it is unbelievable. they sent a franchise record for harbaugh. a team franchise record not just for harbaugh, for walsh, and frankie. 620 total yards. the first team in nfl history. passing 300 in one game. harbaugh, must be pleased. >> alex definitely had a great king. he had a tremendous game and playmakers. he was 8-he had a great game, with crabtree. pfft >> we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at >> check out russian hockey his name is willie pronounced
? >> safe. he was safe. >> you saw it. chris davis singles. baltimore wins 3-2 to tie the series at one. oh please. the national league, carlos beltran went deep twice. that series is tied at one. i knew i was going to get you on that one. you just wish the a's would win it tomorrow night. >> it sets up more drama. theater. >> you were given up on that. i love that baseball piece. >> i think i should ump that game. >> as in every play will be ours. >> we're coming back at 11:00.
of trouble with bases loaded in the third. chris davis lines a sing toll right. two runs come in to score. orioles take the lead 2-1. same score now in the sixth. mark reynolds grounds a single. that brings another run home. 3-1, orioles. pettitte gave up seven hits, three earned runs in seven innings of work. last chance for the yankees in the ninth. the game is 3-2. a-rod at the plate. he's the tying run. jim johnson gets a-rod swinging to end the game. the orioles win 3-2. that series now tied at one. that is the first play-off win for the orioles in 15 years. the series now moves to the bronx for the final three game. cardinals trying to avoid going down two games to none at home with the nats. 7-3 when carlos beltran hammers one off the facade, third deck. he's not done. eighth inning, beltran with a moon shot. this one off the scaffolding in left center. cardinals win 12-4. beltran is second all time for multihome runs. reds at home going for the sweep of the giants. that's at 5:37 eastern. tigers can also sweep the as when they go to oakland tonight. tomorrow, a pair of series tie
stat. 7-for-0. -- 7-4-0. chris davis goes deep to center. very deep. it is a solo shot. that is all the birds would need. they went 1-0. a yankee loss to the red sox. it is tied in the bottom of the ninth. a single scores a runner from second. the yankees win 3-2. one game over the orioles with one left to play. close to achieving the first triple crown since 1967. he went 2-3 tonight. rbi they lose, 4-2. the saying goes everybody deserves a second chance. adam greenberg got one tonight. he signed a contract tonight. hoping to get a hit. haveehe had a lot of health issues when he was beaned in the head. he struck out. this is more like a nightmare. the nhl met today but made no progress on an agreement. >> ok. ho hum. >> let's end with a good story. >> hollywood actor and former hollywood governor arnold's schwarzenegger had a book signing. he was in d.c. to sign and talk about his new book "total recall." it across his -- too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheckpa to paycheck trying to make fallin
night on this home run from chris davis... tonight, they go n one game behind the yankees...if new york loses and the orioles playoff tomorrow hereein basicaly breaks down like this for the oriiles win tonight,,and there will be p playoff game here..lozse and they take to the road... the a's and rangerssare playyng right now to determine the al west and a potential tell you how that's going in l just a few minutes in sports. you know it's a big game tonight.... by the looks of any bar that has a t-v screenn screen.janice park is streammng live at mother's in federal hill, where fans are getting ready for this very important game... janice? fiist time made playoffs since 1999.playoffs since first time made first time made playoffs pince 1997.packed...finall ame of the regular season. game or the o' are hoping the o's win toniiht...the yankees lose... goon from no postseason since potentially hosting theeyankkes here tomorrow for the american league east title. the body of a missing baltimorr county woman is discovered by a group of volunteers cleaning
will never forget. 14 years as a long time. >> i got chris davis autograph finally. followed him all over the place. i am a maryland native but i moved here about 15 years ago. i come to a lot of tampa bay games. i am here just about every orioles game. finally i got autographs night. >> despite the loss, it is all good. fans are still pumped for the post season. >> it is in 15 years since the franchise has been in the playoff picture. kai reed at the live with fans. >> there was disappointment from france but definitely a lot of positive thoughts -- from fans the death of a lot of positive thoughts. -- from fans but definitely a lot of positive thoughts. >> the game was rough early on but fans are ready to be -- happy to be in the run. >> people are sent i am not crazy about baseball but now they are and they are really into it. i think we really have something here. we are going for it. >> went into training started, i cared about a winning season. women got our 82nd win, i got greedy -- when we got our 82nd win, i got greedy. >> it has been 15 years since orioles fans have a postseason
was in the bag. >>> the orioles prove they never give up. they were down and losing 5-1 in the ninth when chris davis slugged one to the rafters. according to the ground rules, this is a home run. the first oriole to homer in five straight days since reggie jackson about it in 1976. they got the winning run to the plate but could not push it over. the final, tampa 5, orioles 3. itis fun and games to get caught up in the team colors. orange has taken over the town. new shirts will be hitting the streets in just a few hours. it is o for october. michael tyson cannot wait for the playoff order he made weeks ago and neither can than fa romeo santos. >> baseball got me through a lot of things. deployments. i lost my wife recently. baseball, the orioles baseball got me through a lot. this means so much. >> and that's the playoff passion. stores are looking for it. get your playoff gear. we want to see your pride. send us pictures of you and your family deked out in orange and sell grating the trip to the playoffs. send them to pics >>> if you went looking for cupcakes tonight, you
. if that game were tonight that would go down as one of the greatest games in history. >> that one shot, chris davis home run, folks started to show up for the game. it's only a little more than an hour away. some of the orioles fans, mostly clad in orange. taking his cuts in the cage and a lot of those fans, it doesn't feel like a home game for the orioles. let's be honest. the crowds are in it. when the orioles do play well, there's a big response, maybe a thousand, a couple thousand in attendance. they're excited. the orioles themselves, they talked about trying to stay focus but, of course, it's human nature. they are looking ahead to who they're going play, where they're going to play and how. they talked about that a short sometime ago. doesn't matter. we got to play whoever -- i don't think anybody cares as long as you have the opportunity to extend your season. who cares. >> there's always english ti. in matter how long you play, you get this nervous excitement. you just don't know how long you're going to get there and you don't know until you get back there and cherish every moment t
pet...bottom of the 4th, the red hot chris davis strikes center, an estimated 440 feet, his 6yth straight game with a home runnand thatwas all the birds needed...the win it 1-0... this is wheee it stands as of tiid with the red sox inneetra mainnain a half game leaa over the oos... in the wildcard, the a's aad texas are just underway,,scoreslesssin the 2nd tempprary half-game lead in that racc..and that's where it stands, up to the minute we'll update the races yet again....coming up at 11:30 on spprts unlimited. p the medical examiner says the death of an eaat baltimore mmn who died in pooice custody is a homicide. the officcal ruling in pnnhony anderson's death released tonight. tonight. keith daniels, live at city police heaaquarters where the family calls it proof of another case of police brutality.. keith. keith. jeff and jennifer.... it'ssa stories between what police say happenedd. and what witnesses say happened. but thing is clear. it's a homicide. ///////////////////vo/////////// /33 aaderson died after a confrontation wit
come backs baltimore dropped game one of the seize, 5- 3 to the rays. chris davis. s two run home run in the 9ths cut the lead 5- 3. we came out and tried hard. >> game two is set for 7:10, ma gel is facing shields. yankees and red sox get underway at 7:05. >>> with the al east race so tight and close, there are the potential for a tie breaking game played here at camden yards on thursday. the general public will get a chance to buy remaining tickets at 2:00 and the loser of the tie breaker will play in a one game playoff, set for friday. >>> we want to see you and your family decked in and out orange celebrating the trip to the playoffs. send the pics to goal is to end childhood obesity, this morning, sherrie johnson is live in sykesville with more and the program is to get kids up and get them moving. >> reporter: that's exactly right. we are here in sykesville, students are in for a surprise today. ravens will be here to help them with the kickoff for the nfl play 60 challenge. we got to get them off the couch and up and moving, the goal is to end childhood obesity
in the bottom of the 7th. in the 9th, chris davis, two run home run, cutting the lead to 5- 3, o's fans remain confident things are going to shake out the way they want. >> they are playing their hearts out and playing good baseball. that's what you want to see, fun baseball. >> game two is tonight set for 7:10. if you are curious, the yankees and red sox, taking it away from the bronx. very close and there are potentials a numb of scenarios but one of them includes a tie breaking game, 163, between the o's and yankees taking place at camden yard thursday. tickets go on sale for anyone within the viewing area today's at noon. tickets go on sale to the general public at 2:00. the loser of the tie breakler play in a one game wild card playoff, played on friday. >>> the scary situation in northeast baltimore, police are talking to a student following a stabbing at the school. it started as an argument when one student pulled out a knife and stabbed another in the upperrer body. the student is expected to be okay. he was treated by the nurse and taken to johns hopkins hospital. >>> a parent of a f
of the 5th...oriooes leading 5-1...chris davis has been a wrecking ball thiss pwek....hammers it to right centee...gone or his 31ss home run of the year...5th in the past 4 games...birds up &pjohnson gets te grounder tt short...that's your ballgame... johnson earns is 50th save... only the 10th player to reach 50 ii baseball history... oriolee sweep thh red sox 6-3 birds have their highest ..he - attendance ince 2007...ttat's something buck showalter hopee will continue... much more from the orioles... &pincluding thh latest standing in both the al east and the wild card..ravens cornerrand thurday's hero cary williams talks to me, as ddes mattt's all coming up in our extended sunday nightt edition of spoots unlimited, right after this newscast. 3 a flighttcarrying the bbltimooe orioles had to make an emergency landing in jacksonville florida. our own morgan adsit spoke with officials.. ho say it was a small fire thht started in a microwave.. that caused the landing. the plane was en route to ampa bayywhere the orioles are scheduleddto play. &pno injuries have been reported
center fielder...ooly 2 to left for out number one.... next batter...chris davis... terrrble at-batssin newwyorkk.. chases the high heat for cc'ss 9th k of the game....o's final chance...wieters ttps it back to thh mound...ccctosses to and season...yankees eliminate the orioles 3-1 in game 5... itts the first complete game by a yankee in the playoffs since incredible and unexpeeted season comes tt an end foo the o's... it wws just too much saaaahha...he ssowed why he's one of the best pitchers in 2 starts in the alds, sabathia threw 17 and 2 ttirds...the bullpen only the hefty lefty...adam jooes' bat disappeared in he series...2-for-233with 6 strikeouts...chrrs avis couldn't hittin new york... oh-for 12 with 4 puuchouts... pigers tomorrow in game ne of the alcs... for the record, the orioles &pand yankees played 23 timee this seassn.the yankees won 12, and the orioles 11...itt was just thaa close..all year long.and suddenly, it's now alllover.. over.. morgan adsit joins us now ffom a jooous yaakees stadiuubut phere is no joy in batimore tonnght, mor
5251 chris davis. wwoever scores more runs is going to win./ (ad lib) live in feels point, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 3 turns out some fast food.. is turns out some fast food.. is faster than others.a new study by a fast the speed and accuracy at the drive thrus of six major pestaurant chains.the moot accurate?chick fil a... which got orrers right 92- perceet of the time.and wendy's came out on top for speed.. with an average time of 2 minutes and 10 seconds.burger king camm in lowest for both categories... and mcdonald's finishee in the middle of the pack. 3 today is the day people everywhere have been waating fo. for.just minutes from now... baum-ggrtner will ascend into space... where he will freefall 120-thousand feet.... faster than the speed of sound. sound. hees wearing just a space puit, helmet and parachute. felix... who's been preparing for this stunt for áyearsá... says he realizessit could kill . 1:46 "it's just so many things going have to remember pll the procedures, you know. joe kittiiger's down in miision control talking to really hhstile enviro
. it was ichiro coming around to score. it was chris davis' clutch and the orioles were up 2-1 against andy pettitte. in the 9th inning jim johnson who had a rough night on sunday night, rebounds brilliantly to win. this orioles 3-2, but it was a miserable drive up. for that part of the story, here's christian schaffer. >> electrical problems made for a long time. it's tough are for the orioles. the yankees had buses rolling up along the shame direction. they would hop over to the stadium. they got in around 6. the orioles didn't get here until about 8:00 this morning, so a tough trip but they are here in new york now. >> we got about a half hour out of baltimore. i think it was the yankees put something -- finally we got on president bus, about a two and a half-hour bus ride from there to the hotel in new york. >> good thing the game isn't tonight. they had workouts but cans selled, probably deciding to sleep in insaid. christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> jamie and christian will be following the dispaim in new york. check them out for all their updates. you can also check out our photo gall
series..and it's 88h...chris davis had a 2-run solid outting...6 ann a itt a third...2 runs... only one earned... &pnationals in st. louis for game 2 of the nlds...nats took game one....jordan zimmermann with a rough outting....bottom of the 3rd...allen craig hammers it to left...solo shoo...zimmermann gives up 5 runs inn3 lead of the 6th...danny espinosa gives it a ride to leff enter...john jay races to the wwll...makes the catch as he craahes into the padding...innredible grab by the cardinals centee fielder... everything going rrghh or st. louis today....bottoo of the 8th...carlos beltran already with one home run...number 2... ccrdinals ound thh nationals to even the series...12-4... the series goes to d-c on wednesday... most folks around here &premember,,,and not pondly...wwen we heard cheers at m&t bankstadium whennky bollee wws injjred against the colts back in september of's still a raw memory in baltimore...and yesterday we saw omethhng very similar.. chiefs quarterback natt cassel is not a popular man in kaycee these days,and when he w
york. >> i saw nick markakis, mark reynolds, chris davis. >> jim hunter. >> reporter: sun is up. the season is officially over. orioles catcher matt weeders said it is the first time the extended season shortens his time off. >> i'll take a couple of weeks off and not take up baseball for a couple of weeks. when november gets here it is back to getting in shape. >> reporter: 2012 season will be remembered as one that brought baseball back to baltimore. it was a long 15 year wait for the playoffs. oakland fell in the final game against the yankees in the albs series. the manager and vice president of operations spoke. >> [ inaudible ] >> it was fierce competition that helps identify your strength and areas where you need to improve. >> reporter: the pitcher is proud of his first post season experience. >> there is no reason our pitching should not be good for years to come. it can add peace and get better. >> reporter: this energy from fans is likely to carry over to opening day. >> what does 2013 have in store for us? >> winning! >> reporter: at camden yards cheryl o'conner abc
and yankees up 1-0 and remained thatway until the third when baltimore got to pettitte. courtesy of chris davis with a 2-run single to right. he has been hot for the past several games and that's how it stayed. a very tight baltimore tack on another run in the 6th. new york has one of their own in the #th but the bullpen shut it down for ballmore much to thedelight of the crowd rooting them on in game 2. 3-2 the final score and the manager was all too happy to talk about the fans, the city and what this game means to them. >> there's not a city in america that loves their baseball team more than this city. and, i've seen it on both sides, and it's a great feeling for our players to give back the faith they have had in them. >> we have had contributions all year cheny has been awesome and did a great job tonight and really kind of putting the negative behind us and moving on has been big for us all year. >> reporter: baltimore has a great season so far. they are 6-3 against new york in new york. also they have hit more home runs in the bronx than any other road ball park. this will let you
:07. >>> the orioles evened up their series with the yankees with a 3-2 win last night. chris davis drove in two runs. mark reynolds got what turned out to be the game winning hit. >>> it seems that the old myth that cats have nine lives still stands true at least for one kitten in maryland. she required quite the rescue yesterday after she was found inside the engine of a car. >> the drive says he heard something whining in his hood and had to call the fire department for some help. will thomas takes it from there. >> reporter: prince george's county firefighters on the scene of a rescue. this footage captured the tense moments as they tried to make a save. the man driving this car knew something was wrong. >> i kept hearing a chirping under the hood and i drove a little bit and i drove some more and i said that is a cat. >> reporter: listen carefully. you will hear it too. >> lifted up the hood and i seen a kitten inside of the hood. >> reporter: so he called 911. firefighters showed up to this beltville parking lot and tried to help. >> we determined that we're going to need a jack. we went across
run came in the top of the 4th when chris davis launched a bomb. the straightaway center 444 feet and now let's check in with christian schaefer who filed a report from tampa. we do not have that story from chris right now. we may have it a bit later for you on "good morning maryland." but here's how things shake out, a lot of teams, very close right now in the race, but for the orioles, it's really simple, if they win tonight and the yankees lose, there's a tie in the a.l. east. there'll be a tiebreaker game played tomorrow in baltimore. we don't have a time yet. tickets are still available online at, but the one thing you need to remember in this entire scenario, and there are a lot of them, if the o's win today -- or tonight, rather, they will be hosting a playoff game at camden yards. let's go now to that package filed last night from christian schaefer. we are having some trouble with that. we'll continue addressing that and get it to you a bit later. we want to see your pictures and your orioles pride. send those photos to we'll add them to the gall
against travis blackly for oakland. orioles taking a half game lead over the a's z chris davis with a solo homer. and significance here is that team with the best record will host a play skrof on friday. a's need to win tonight to keep pace with baltimore, adam greenburg got a chance to experience majors tonight. this is an amazing story. seven years ago greenburg played for cubs first pitch he saw got hit in the head by a fast ball. since then suffered post concussion symptoms and dizziness. would not give up the dream. and there is marlins giving him a second chance. >> that is me ask it's a dream come true this, is the start of hopefully, my career in this game that i wanted as a kid. and i feel like i'm going to show this is a start of hopefully part two of my. >> so here is greenburg. he had to face the nickel ball king. got him swinging. hopefully greenburg will get another chance with some major league teams. >> there is cardinals coming off a first loss of the season upset over washington. there is saturday, cardinals hosting arizona. head coach saying he's not making a change. >>
by chris davis in the third put them up 2-1. baltimore tacked on a final run in the sixth with a mark republic reynolds single. they won 3-2. >>> in golf, tiger woods reportedly apologized to several of his ryder cup rookie teammates for a prosecute pooor performance. the american team had a meltdown against the europeans. >>> 20,000 supporters of the argentine soccer club river plate carried an almost 5 mile long flag through the streets of venezuela from the stadium and right into the guinness book of world records. >>> finally, there is this bizarre story of a cockroach eating competition that had terrible consequences. we tell you all about it. it's up on the facebook page if you want to check that out. all right. now let's get a check of your weather with bill karins. he has your weather channel forecast. a chilly morning. >> yeah, it is. it is october. >> one other interesting sports note, "the new york post" is reporting that during the game last night the yankee-baltimore game, two maryland state troopers asked derek jeter for his autograph. causing a little controversy out th
. he's safe. in the third, chris davis with a rocket to right to tie the series. the cards broke out the bats against the nationals. alan craig goes solo hitting one deep to left. carlos beltran hit two monster blasts. the third time he's homered twice in the postseason. the cardinals even the national league division series at one game each. in football, the jets made a game of it against the texans. matt schaub made it look easy top first drive, tossing a 34-yard touchdown pass to wide open owen daniels. mark sanchez came back with a score. joe mcknight electrified the crowd, racing 100 yards for the score. not enough, though. the texans hang on to beat the jets 23-17 to remain undefeated. >>> the world's fastest man and self-proclaimed living legend will be running in rio going for an olympic three-peat. usain bolt says he's going to race in the 2016 rio de janeiro games. in london this summer he became the first man to win the 100 and 200 meter sprints in back-to-back olympic games. >>> miranda ferguson went on a flipping frenzy friday night, doing a record-breaking 35 backhand s
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